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13 November, 2006

Angela rediscovers the joy of dogging when she visits a local doggers car park in Dorset with her husband Pete.

Hi, my name is Angela, and I am 36 years old. I have been swinging for about 14 years, and I regularly go to swingers clubs with my husband Pete. Up until a couple of years ago, we used to go dogging quite a lot too. But then all of a sudden it turned bad. Dogging sites that used to be really busy were dead, and others were just full of pushy single males who had probably read about the ‘dogging craze' in the paper. Not to mention the stories of doggers getting cautioned or arrested by the old bill. So, we decided it was best to stick to parties and clubs from then on, even though we really missed the thrill of meeting horny strangers for outdoor car sex.

But then one night last week we were on our way back from a private swingers party at someone's house, we accidentally got lucky! I was wearing my favourite red velvet dress which has a very high split up one leg. Pete always insists that I wear it to parties because I look so sexy in it, he says it fits in all the right places and makes my tits look huge lol! I had my shoulder length blonde hair piled up on to of my head but half of it had fallen out at the party as I had been fucked hard by several guys and really enjoyed myself.

So anyway, we were driving back home to our house near Ringwood in Dorset when we went past one of our old dogging spots, Verely Hill. Well we were feeling a bit horny still, so we thought what the hell, and drove in for old time's sake. We get really turned on watching each other having sex with other swingers, and always have a steamy session when we get back home. But we just couldn't wait, so we pulled into the car park and made ourselves more comfortable.


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