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13 November, 2006

Doggers Angela and Pete get some horny outdoor sex in a local Dorset dogging couples car park. What a night they had!

My name is Anna, and I am 29 years old. This is what happened when me and my boyfriend, Justin, discovered the joys of dogging one night. We had been in our local pub, and were both a bit drunk. And when I get tipsy, I also get quite frisky hehe. It was time to leave, and I knew a shortcut through some nearby woods. Trouble is, I have heard people saying said in the pub that these woods have a car park that is used for dogging in the evenings. Probably a bunch of sad old men wearing dirty raincoats, I thought. In my drunken state I thought it would be fun to go and spy on them. I told Justin my plan and he thought it was a great idea. He laughed and said that I could join in If I wanted! LOL I know now that he wasn’t joking!

Off we went, and as we got nearer to the car park we could hear voices getting louder and louder. I was thinking that maybe my plan was not that great after all. Justin, on the other hand, seemed very keen to discover what was going on. We hid behind some trees and peeked out. What I saw shocked me, but also turned me on loads. There was a stunning blonde girl who looked about my age, sat on the bonnet of a car with her legs spread. She was playing with some blokes dick with her right hand, and stroking her clit with the other. There were a few other guys standing around them wanking. There were about six cars in the car park, and some of them had couples having sex in.

All of a sudden I felt something between my legs. I was wearing a short frilly skirt, and I turned round to find Justin with a big grin on his face and his hand in my thong. He then pushed me against the tree, pulled my black lacy thong to one side and entered me from behind. I moaned as I felt the stiffness of his cock inside me. As he was shagging me I could still see the girl on the car, and I couldn’t help thinking that it looked like fun. I don’t know how, but she must have sensed that I was watching her. I’m not normally bi but she was so sexy I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She beckoned me over, I was so nervous, but Justin gave me a gentle pushed towards her. He followed behind me, his cock still hanging out.

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