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16 Feby, 2012

Mark & Karen sent this story in and whilst the theme of the story isn't dogging they are now a couple that enjoy the UK dogging scene this story sent by Karen and enjoy

As you can tell from the title I’d streaked before and a few times but I’d always been part of a group and it had been on a beach which I felt didn’t really count. Don’t ask me why but what I really wanted to do was to go solo and do it in a more public place like the centre of a town and on my own! I was 19 and at college when the opportunity finally arose. I shared a top floor tenement flat with another 3 girls Sandra, Morag and Cathy. Sandra and I were doing the same course and as there were only 2 bedrooms we shared one room and Morag and Cathy the other. This made it interesting when boyfriends turned up to visit!

I’d never told them about my streaking but I felt that I needed to have a good reason to streak in a public place. After all it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to get their kit off and flash their tits and pubes in public! We were always challenging ourselves with little competitions with the loser taking a forfeit picked out of a large brandy glass. Anyone who visited the flat could add a forfeit to the glass if they wished along with our own. The forfeits were fairly tame like doing someone’s cooking or cleaning duty for a week. However I’d written one that involved streaking and kept it with me always just waiting for the right moment.

This happened in April 1980. Morag had a cord which was all knotted up and as she had no patience at all was making a real mess of trying to get out the knots. I was happily winding her up and said that I could undo the knots in 5 minutes with my eyes closed. Well she threw me the cord and I was blindfolded. The clock started and I feverishly started undoing the knots. I did quite well but not well enough as I was on the last knot when the time was up.

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I put my hand in my pocket and clasped the forfeit I’d written making sure the others didn’t see I had anything in my hand. I put my hand in the glass and picked out my forfeit of course and handed it to Morag. She took it and her mouth fell open and eyes almost popped out of her head. She handed it to the others and their reactions were similar then it was handed to me. I pretended to be shocked. Who had written a forfeit like that? Suspicions thankfully fell on Cathy’s boyfriend who was a bit of a weirdo. They felt that the forfeit was a too much but I told them that a forfeit is a forfeit and that if they had got something like that then I’d expect them to carry it out.

What I had to do was to streak through the new shopping centre which was on 3 levels and in the centre of town. I had to enter and do a lap of all three floors before leaving at the other exit and it had to be done on the next Saturday afternoon. This was Thursday night so I didn’t have long to prepare. The others couldn’t believe I was going to go through with it but started to when I asked them to help me. I would need quite considerable back up.

My classes finished at 3pm on Friday afternoon so Sandra and I went to the shopping centre to check it out. The entrance at the top floor and the top floor itself was very quiet. I was looking for the escalators and trying to plan a route. Sandra reckoned it would be best to start at the top and work my way down but I thought otherwise as the ground level was very busy which would make the get away more difficult.

We went back to the flat and had something to eat and watched some TV. Whilst eating Cathy suggested that I practice by walking about the flat starkers. She was rightly ridiculed since we all did that anyway some to a greater extent than others – Sandra was always wandering about in the buff!! However it was agreed that I should practice by walking up and down the communal stairway which had 5 flights to see if I could get to the bottom. Remember we were on the top floor!!

At about 10pm I stood at the flat door completely naked. Sandra opened the door and I very gingerly took a step out. I turned round and quickly stepped back into the safety of the flat breathing heavily and shaking all over. Well I had to make it look good. Sandra took pity on me and took off her dressing gown so she was naked too then she took my hand and we walked down the stairs together giggling like a pair of naughty schoolgirls and made it all the way to the bottom. We ventured out into the back yard and waved up at Cathy who was looking out the window then returned up the stairs. We tried to persuade Cathy and Morag to give it a go but they declined. Chickens!!

Saturday afternoon eventually arrived and I stood at the ground floor entrance wearing nothing but a pair of trainers and a long coat. Sandra was with me and had the rest of my clothes in a bag. Cathy was on the middle floor with an extra coat in case things went wrong and Morag was at the top entrance with yet another coat. Sandra was going to follow me to make sure I did my laps and didn’t bottle out.

I took a slug of whisky from a bottle that Sandra had thoughtfully brought with her and although I didn’t smoke I had a couple of puffs of Sandra’s ciggie. Well I had to make it look as if I was nervous and apprehensive even if I wasn’t!! I undid the buttons on the coat, winked at Sandra and with one final drag I slipped off the coat and ran in to the centre.

Wow!! What a feeling! This was even better than sex! I ran to the elevator at the far end of the ground floor with my tits bouncing up and down then up to the middle floor and did my lap. I was really enjoying myself, so much so, that I started to walk instead of run so that passers by could get a good look at my tits and hairy fanny!! On the top floor I even stopped to look in shop windows. I sauntered out of the top entrance and into the waiting coat.

I’d done it - my first solo streak. Sandra and Cathy followed me out and we retired to some nearby public toilets where I got dressed. Apparently I’d caused quite a stir although I hadn’t really noticed as to me it had been a bit of a blur in places. The others were full of admiration at what I’d done and wanted to know what is was like and would I do it again. Of course I’d do it again just so as to experience that magic feeling I get of being naked in public when everyone elseis clothed. Go on I urge you to try it. You won’t regret it I promise. Or are you chicken?

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