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27 November, 2006

After an intimate dinner, Danny and Carl get horny in a taxi, then continue their sexy first gay encounter back at Carl's flat. Read on for the juicy bits!

...continued It really started long before we got back to my flat. When we got into the back of the taxi he started to rub his leg against mine, keeping his eyes on the cabbie up front. I think the old bloke driving couldn't have given an arse about us, but Danny kept his eyes on him, making sure. It was a nice touch too, I mean not wanting to cause a scene. Too bad one has to go that route but such is life they tell me.

He kept that up for a bit and I though I'd rather test his resolve a bit. I was curious to see if that package he was sporting was real or just stuffed socks in the gaunch (underwear). Damn if it wasn't real and you know, I almost think he would have spilled his cream if we hadn't gotten to the flat in the nick of time. Man it felt so hot, to slide my hand over his thigh to rest it briefly on his groin. I could feel the heat, even through his black denim pants. There was no mistaking that hard pole wedged in there either. It nearly burned my fingers or so it felt like. That though was the added glass of Cognac I had for after dinner. Knew I shouldn't but hell, I had just agreed to go home with a bloke I met at a dating site. You'd want an extra drink too if you were as nervous as I was.

Still, Danny had made it easy, and so had the dating site. I mean they had some good info for new members and it all helped turn that evening into one I will never forget. In fact I have it down in my diary, for celebrating next year and yes, with Danny. I really do think he is going to work out long term. It has been missing from my life but then, going to bars and rowdy parties, kind of hard to find a romantic soul there who wants more than just a tumble in the sack.

I suppose what sealed it for me was walking into his flat. I mean he had told me a bit about it, and some of it was in his profile too. I hadn't really believed it but walking in, seeing some of the things he had mentioned. It hit me hard. This was for real, the things he had said weren't a come on. They were true and my world was suddenly restored. I mean, maybe I am a cynic, I don't know but I never really bought into that stuff before. I was here at first because the bloke was good looking, and excited me. His voice was perfect and I liked how he had listened to me too. Yet walking into his flat, it all came rushing at me. This was for real, honest and everything I had seen at Gay Ads was true. This wasn't faked or altered, but real.

He was nervous too, but you know, sitting on his couch, drinking some wine, it just felt right. I couldn't help myself so I reached over and kissed him on the cheek, sort of a thank you. It surprised him and well before either of us took another sip, we were locked in one hell of an embrace. It felt right as his hands caressed my body, worked their way under my shirt and pinched my nipples. Oh I was sure I'd shit then and there. The touch was so friggin hot, so perfect that any thought of not going further was blown away. I wanted him, bad. Thankfully he wanted me as bad.

Strange in telling this, but you know when he reached under my waist band, after undoing my button, it was like a whole new world had opened up for me. There was something so raw, so animalistic that I couldn't help myself. I kind of prided myself on having control, but I sure didn't that night. Christ I nearly popped while he grabbed at my stuffed cock. He pulled on it and soon it was standing tall letting his hand run up and down. I groaned too and struggled to try and reach over to undo some of his buttons. I mean, hell if he....more

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