True Gay Story First Time Gay Experience


13 November , 2006

Gary's first gay encounter is one he will never forget. He has a great time sucking and fucking with Paul and David when they have a gay threesome

....continued I moved my left hand and started rubbing my own dick, which was really hard and bulging at my jeans by now, and enjoyed the thought that they could at anytime turn round and see what I was doing.

To be fair, it didn't take long and I was bursting, both to cum and to join in, Paul seemed to really know what he was doing and David seemed to really be enjoying getting his cock sucked. I couldn't hold myself back any longer so I unzipped my jeans and started tugging away to my hearts content. Paul had obviously heard my zipper and turned his head to see what I was doing whilst not breaking the up and down motion he was in.

He smiled across, and beaconed me with his eyes, I was nervous but stood up and walked over to the other sofa, I sat down next to David who by now had realised I was awake and was looking at me with a dirty smile on his face.

As I sat down David reached across and grabbed my dick, slowly he started to massage my shaft and my balls until I thought I was about to come, he had obviously done this before because as soon as he felt me start to twitch he leant down and swallowed my cock deep into his warm wet mouth, it felt strange but right as I fired my hot cum straight down his throat and he took every last drop.

I sat there unsure of my situation but knowing that this wouldn't be the end of the evening, I stood up and took my jeans off as they were starting to annoy me being round my ankles and dropped to my knees, Paul had changed position but was still sucking away on David, but now his cock was pointing straight up and towards me, I don't know what made me do it but the next thing I knew I had grabbed his cock and started to rub up and down his shaft, a few minutes later and I was experiencing the feeling of giving a blow job for the first time.

Turns out that David is the one with all the stamina as it didn't take long for Paul to shoot his load down my throat, that felt really weird but I carried on sucking none the less and drunk every last bit of the cum he gave me.David followed suit a few minutes later with Paul sucking his cock and me licking his balls, it just felt so right.

The nest morning was a bit strange with no one really knowing what to say, but we soon got round that when, as a joke, Paul dropped his shorts to reveal a hard on and asked who wanted to suck it, after a brief look around the room and at each other, both David and I grabbed him and shoved him on the sofa to begin the next stage in our fun.

Lots more happened at uni with my new gay friends, and once I've dealt with the hard on I've got from writing this I may come back and tell you about some more of the fun times we've had togetherů.

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