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27 November, 2006

Carl finishes of his gay story by telling us about the hot and steamy sex he has with Danny. Now they are an item and couldn't be happier together!

...continued was gonna play with my wanker, I should have the same fun too. Besides I wanted to feel that dick of his. It had certainly seemed like a nice handful when I groped it in the cab.

Not too sure how we got to the bedroom. I remember the bouncing as my body hit the mattress. I even remember him standing over me, his eyes glazed a bit as the lust took over fully. Somehow we were naked and rolling around on his bed, just touching whatever body part came to hand. It was amazing at how basic it became, and yet not. I mean I had guys who simply walked into the bedroom and stripped before. Hell I had guys who didn't wait before they were unrolling the condom on their semi hard dick wanting to plough my ass. But none of that compared to this. This was unbridled sex, and it felt fantastic.

From his hands pinching my nipples, to his lips wrapped around my throbbing pole, it all was natural, unplanned. It was pure lust tinged with some passion. That though, came later in the night. About 4am I think when we slowed down and began to do more than just satisfy our urges. It was about pleasing each other too and I have Gay Ads to thank for that. I mean without them I'd have never met Danny.

I move into his flat next week too. We have been seeing each other for over two months now. I can't get enough of him, and no not doing the bump and grind, though we do that often. I just enjoy being with him, watching some porn flick on the DVD player or watching some cheesy drama on BBC1. Smelling his shampoo long after I had gone home and stuff like that is why we decided to live together. We just hated being apart and I for one am glad that it is only a week to go too. Its hard to fall asleep in my own empty flat. I keep thinking of Danny, of the way his cock has a slight bend to it when its fully erect, and that it is nearly always that way when we are together. Its sex but more than that.

I guess its about being simpatico or something. We share common interests and have fun doing things together. We go out a lot, and holding his hand in some dark picture house is rather arousing to me.

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