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18 October, 2006

Single gay guy Adam has been dumped by his boyfriend, so he goes clubbing to cheer himself up. He ends up having horny fun with his gay friend!

Hello my name is Adam and I'm 24 years old living in the gay capital of England , Brighton! I've been ‘out' as a gay man for 3 years now. For the last 2 of those I have been with my boyfriend Phil. Sadly though, he dumped me last week. He said it was getting too serious and he just wanted to have fun while he was young. I was devastated; I couldn't imagine how I would cope without him in my life.

Well my flatmate Simon had a good idea, as he was fed up with me moping about. ‘Come on you, we're going clubbing tonight' he told me. Hmmm I thought, maybe that would cheer me up. A few drinks and a bit of dancing could be just what I need….. “Let's go then” I said, heading for the door. “Er no, you've got to look your best. Off you go and get ready!” Simon could be a right bossy queen sometimes!

So, when Simon was happy with what I was wearing, off we went to the Harlequin club, a gay bar that's just down the road from us. We go there quite a lot, and always get a friendly crowd in there. So we got some drinks and I actually started to enjoy myself a bit. The DJ was playing some cheesy eighties music which always gets me in a good mood. The club was packed with hot gay guys and the usual fag hags as well.

There was this one guy there, Christian, who I have known for years as we went to school together. He has turned into a bit of a muscle mary these days and he is one of the vainest people that I know. Anyway, he kept looking over at me; he must have heard that I had split with Phil. News sure travels fast on the gay grapevine! I really wasn't interested though, he's just not my type and a bit of a male slut!

The drinks were flowing though, and it wasn't long before I was a bit drunk. Simon and I hit the dance floor, which was hot and sweaty with bodies everywhere. I couldn't help but get a bit turned on by all the horny gay men gyrating around me. Christian was dancing nearer and nearer to me, and I started to think that maybe it would be ok if I had a bit of fun with him. After all, it didn't mean I had to marry him, did it? Before I knew it, he was right up behind me, and whispering in my ear. He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere a bit quieter with him. Well, the alcohol, pumping music and sexy guys all around me must have done something to my brain, as I found myself saying yes!


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