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21 June, 2007

Nate stared at the display. He couldn’t make up his mind which one to grab, or for that matter, which would be the right one to purchase. It was his first time buying condoms and he thought every eye was boring down on him, as he stood there as whilst watching gay movies where guys had bareback sex was one thing fucking a guy like that was not going to happen .

He was rather tall, just over six foot and was a solid player on the local basketball team at the Y. He had played in High School, and since graduation, was a regular down at the Y. He liked the contact, the guys in shorts and naturally the shower was his favourite part of playing at the Y. You got to meet some nice guys there, and the guess work usually wasn’t all that hard..

He had yet to experience the full pleasure of doing a guy. He had been sucked off a few times, sucked some cock himself, but never had he let it go further but had seen just the odd few gay videos. Now he had the chance, and he didn’t want to blow it by not going prepared. Hence his little trip to the corner drugstore to get a package of rubbers, as the guys all referred to them. Still he didn’t know anything more that when you fucked, you made sure of wearing one.

His problem was, did they come in sizes, based on his cock size, or was it one size fit all? Nate didn’t know, and as he stood there he could tell that the sales clerk kept checking him out. He didn’t think it was because he had a cute butt either. The guy was one he remembered from High School. He was one of those Mr Perfects who had a girl on each arm, and one on standby. Just what he needed he thought as the guy started to walk over to him.

He was blond and if Nate remembered right, his name was Ken. It was unnerving to think that soon his predicament would be public knowledge with all the others he knew. Most were still around the neighbourhood too, which was not helpful. He felt his face flush as Ken came up to him and greeted him.

Nate mumbled something and was surprised to see Ken sort of step back. His face suddenly changed and Nate could see it in his eyes, he knew. It was uncanny, but he could tell that Ken had guessed what was troubling him. He felt like rushing out, going across town to some other store to make his purchase, but time was getting short. He was supposed to meet Martin in a half hour, and he needed to have some condoms with him, or he’d get nothing.

Not even a blow job, and the whole idea of him spreading Martin’s legs, of putting his cock into his ass, was just too good to miss out on.

Ken reached out and picked up a package of condoms, he handed them to Nate, then reached up a shelf and picked up a small tube of KY gel. He handed it to Nate, telling him to use it on two fingers first, to get the hole lubricated first, then he would have no trouble penetrating.

Nate was stunned, as Ken winked to him. He was different as he told him to just relax, he’d enjoy it if he just relaxed. Then he slapped him lightly on the shoulder and walked back to the cash counter. His eyes kept looking over, but now Nate didn’t feel so bad. It was rather nice to know someone else knew.

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