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27 November, 2006

Carl is skeptical about gay dating sites, so he is pleasantly surprised when he meets Danny. After their first date, they get on so well they have some sexy fun.

Tarts and Trollops, that's what I thought about those lonely sods posting personal ads and contact ads on some dating site. I mean come on, everyone knows they are fake or least, I did. That was until I was cruising and saw this one place, Gay Ads. It seemed different by how it was laid out and all but I still was a skeptic. I mean come on, those places just couldn't be real but hell I was bored so I started browsing some of the ads.

Kind of amazed me at how some of the blokes seemed so desperate. Least that was how I looked at it, and let me be the first to say how bloody daft I was. See, I came across this one ad, for some bloke who was in my patch. I thought, hell be a nice lark to see how real they took it too. So I went and emailed the bloke and it was odd, but deep down I sort of was hoping it would be real. I mean the sex life had been pretty skint of late and hell, I was never really one to believe the glass was half empty.

Anyhow this bloke, Danny answered and you know he sounded nice. I mean it felt real, not fake and so long story short. We exchanged a few more emails then did some of the IM stuff in the members area. It was all kind of fun ya know, until finally he got the nerve up to ask about meeting. Kind of threw me a bit because well, I still had this odd notion that it wasn't all up to snuff. Thank God I agreed, because Danny and I are an item now. Least we think we are.

I doubt I'll ever forget that first meeting either as we were sure nervous. Now me, I like to speak my mind so it was a bit of a shocker to me when he popped the question first. I mean we had dinner at a nice out of the way Italian joint, lots of people around and the food was good too. Maybe it was the wine he kept drinking, but honestly I think it was me. He kind of enjoyed the tight black shirt I wore, open just enough to show the hair pattern down the chest.

It was kind of romantic in a sense. Besides the lighting was dim enough that no one could notice the occasional footsies we played under the table. I guess I was too absorbed enjoying the touch of his foot running up my leg. I mean it was a thrill and sure gave me a boner. Man I hated when I had to go take a pee, I mean there was no way of hiding my stiff one and I know Danny noticed it too.

When I got back from the loo he picked up a breadstick and just sort of well, sucked on it. You could tell by the glint in his eyes what was on the little perverted mind. Kind of made me smile though, to be appreciated so subtley like that by a bloke I had just met.

Made me rethink that dating site too. I suppose though what got me was that it wasn't one of those email once then off to go shag type affairs. The blokes there weren't the losers I had imagined. Danny had met a few and while we were nestled in each others arms later on, he told me about them. It was all rather sweet really, I mean sort of like pillow talk. It wasn't something I had ever encountered before, I guess mainly because those I normally shagged were bar pick ups. Certainly was an eye opener meeting Danny and well the sex, My God I can't even begin to describe how it was.

I had been laid a few times, and by some pretty well equipped guys too. And they had been around the block too, but with Danny it was totally different. Awesome comes to mind but I suppose everyone says that about someone they have fallen for. Maybe not, but for me it's the god honest truth. He was unbelievable when we finally got over the nervousness and stuff. Dinner had helped, and his willingnessto meet in public helped allay my fears too. After all a bloke has to be careful these days....more

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