First Swingers Club experience sexy story


18 July, 2006

Dave and Lorraine, meet up with new Swinging friends

The next evening we turned up at the "The Shenley" pub at 7pm as arranged and kept a look out for Cheryl and Steve, and when they did turn up we could hardy miss them, Cheryl had made a real effort and was looking absolutely stunning, Steve on the other hand was more casual in jeans and a tee shirt that showed off a well defined figure and fantastic tan (lucky bugger).

We went in, ordered drinks and just chatted about everything really from the weather to sport and work etc. eventually thought the conversation turned to sex and swinging and it turned out they were off to a club in Dunstable called Arousals on the following Saturday, we'd heard of it before but had never attended and were asking lots of questions you know the types of members and from what you heard their was everything from BBW swingers to milfs. Turned out they were regulars and had been going for a few years, they asked if we wanted to go along with them the following week, we agreed and arranged times and places to meet up with them.

Over the next week we spoke to both of them a number of times on both the phone and on msn and it turned out we had quite a lot in common including children of a similar age, work and we even shared a few friends what with work and social activities.

Saturday came and Lorraine spent (it seemed) from about 4pm till 8pm getting ready for the occasion, waxing and plucking every available area of her skin lol and making sure she was ready for the occasion that was about to present itself. Me on the other hand, I had a wash, shave and did my hair and I was ready, typical bloke I hear you say.

We phoned prior to leaving to make sure we weren't about to be stood up again and they said they were just about to leave, we left the house a few minutes later and headed off down the A5 towards Dunstable. Across the road from Arousals is a pub and we'd arranged to meet in the car park behind prior to going over to the club, as we pulled in we were both getting quite nervous at what lay ahead, but as soon as we stepped out of the car to the greeting from Steve and Cheryl all the fears seemed to disappear.

We walked over to the club, paid out admittance and went in, I wasn't too sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed the atmosphere was. I wasn't too sure on the etiquette of it all so swallowed my pride and asked Steve, he assured me that we were only to do anything that we felt 100% comfortable with and that they would fully respect us if we decided not to take the meeting any further than simply polite chat.

We all got up and had a bit of a dance, Cheryl took the lead and started giving Lorraine a lap dance, which she loved, and I could see her getting quite excited as her nipples began to harden beneath her outfit.Sitting there watching Lorraine becoming aroused was doing it for me and I felt myself stir in my trousers, Cheryl was getting more sexy and adventurous with herdancing and started to get closer and closer to Lorraine, rubbing their breasts together and sweeping her hair over Lorraine's now exposed legs.


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