Bifemales Beds Swingers Club Erotic Story


18 July, 2006

Daves wife finds that going to a swingers club with her bifem friend could be fun !!!!

Cheryl was now starting to look flushed and was obviously horny, I looked over to Steve and was simply sitting there smiling to himself, he must have seen this before and knew that I was bisexual & what was coming, all of a sudden Cheryl dropped down to her knees in front of Lorraine and lifted her skirt, small as it was, up her legs and exposed her perfectly waxed mound which was now visibly dripping wet and glistening in the lighting of the club.

As she lifted the skirt she ran her tongue up Lorraine's leg and towards her sopping pussy, as she reached it she gently parted her lips with a finger and slipped her tongue deep into Lorraine's soaking mound, slow and deliberate strokes soon had Lorraine writhing in ecstasy as she felt her swollen clit being teased by Cheryl's tongue, it didn't take long and I could see Lorraine reaching a climax, she gripped Cheryl's hair and pulled her head deeper into her mound as she came all over Cheryl's lips and tongue.

Cheryl pulled her head away, moved up Lorraine 's body and after pausing to caress her massive tits & swollen nipples she kissed Lorraine full on the mouth sharing the juices she had just received on her tongue.I was quite happy, I'd just seen my new wife cumming all over another women's face as I and Steve sat there grinning from ear to ear, if the evening had finished there I'd have been more than happy, but it turned out that was just the start.

Cheryl looked over at Steve and winked, he took this as an invitation to come over and as he moved he beckoned to me, sort of asking if it was ok for him to go and play with Lorraine . I nodded my approval and he moved over towards her, and took up a position in between her legs. She was still lying on her back recovering from her fun with Cheryl as Steve pushed her legs further apart and drove his tongue deep into her, she let out a stifled moan as he continued to lap at her wet pussy and swollen clit. He continued in this vain for a few minutes while Cheryl sucked on Lorraine's pert tits and then inserted one of his fingers into her, another moan and I knew she was enjoying herself, me, I was still sat there, watching and enjoying every minute of it as Cheryl beckoned me to come over and join in.

I moved over, assumed a position to the right of Lorraine , and took her other breast in my mouth while Cheryl continued playing with the other one and Steve kept sucking on her clit. I could here Steve's fingers going in and out of her and I could tell she was soaking wet from her activities.

As I sat there sucking her breast, Steve lifted his head and looked over towards me, he indicated that he'd like to fuck Lorraine and I had no hesitation in agreeing to his wish, he continued sucking her clit but moved his hands down to remove his trousers, pulling them down and over his ankles. He stood up slightly and it was at that point I saw just how big his cock was, I have always been pleased with my own size, but Steve was at least 3 inches longer than me and at least twice as wide, he was at least 11" and as he slowly edged towards Lorraine's pussy I had a feeling she was about to enjoy herself, a lot!!


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