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18 July, 2006

Dave tells me about his first Swingers Club, and how he found new Swinging friends

Well, where do I start.. At the beginning I guess lol, we'd (Dave and Lorraine from Milton Keynes) not been together long when we decided to get into swinging and had registered to a few different swingers sites since we got into it a few years ago, although we had a range of varying success with different ones, funnily enough, the ones everyone rants about aren't generally the most successful from our experience.

We'd met a few people online through posting adverts and through conversation in the various chatrooms that are available and had discussed going to a club on numerous occasions and had even made plans to go, although we'd always been let down by the people we we're due to go with and had never had the courage to go along alone, now we've been, you try keeping us away!! We'd registered an advert ages ago on one of the better known sites, but we'd had limited success and almost forgotten that we had even placed the advert until that is we got back from our honeymoon, checked our email and found we had received a notification advising that we'd received a new message on the site.

We logged in to check the mail and was half expecting to see some lame message from a desperate sort cheating on his wife, however the message was from a couple of a similar age to us and from an area only about 15 minutes down the road from us in Milton Keynes, there was photo's of them both and Lorraine was quite taken by the male member of the couple who seemed to be well tanned and from the bulge in his pants, quite well hung as well.

We decided to make contact and sent them an email through the site letting them know that we'd be interested in chatting a bit more on msn and exchanging phone numbers. We must have caught them online because we were added to their msn list within only a few minutes. We got chatting to Steve* and we all seemed to click, asking where his partner was we found out that Cheryl was just getting our of the bath and would be down soon, we were a little apprehensive about it all due to the lack of the female member, but our nerves were put at ease after only a couple of minutes when Cheryl came down stairs from her bath wearing only her bath robe. With all 4 of us at our computers and the webcams on we chatted away losing all track of time, it was now nearly 3am but I felt like we'd only been chatting for minutes and not the 4 hours it now was. We decided to call it a night and headed off to bed after agreeing to a phone call the following evening.

6pm came and the phone rang, their keen we thought, and answered the phone, it was Cheryl on the phone and after a few minutes of friendly chat I passed the phone to Lorraine and left them to get on with their conversation. Two hours later and they were still on the phone arranging to meet in a local pub the following evening. Lorraine got off the phone, finally, and filled me in on the discussion. It turns out that Cheryl was very bisexual and had been getting wet about the thought of meeting and playing with Lorraine , great I thought, finally we may have met a nice couple that don't live the other side of the country.


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