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05 January, 2007

After finding a swinger couple via Asain Sex Contacts they enjoy some first time bisexual female swapping.

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Seeing that must have been too much for Jit as I felt him explode within me not long after I stated licking his wife out, he pulled out and Paresh took his place, with me climaxing almost as soon as he penetrated me. A few minutes later and it was his turn to fill his rubber with fresh cum, so as he pulled out I took the chance to find out for myself what it was like to liked out by another women and lifted my head from the crutch of Mina and lay myself down inviting her to come and lick my soaked pussy.

She didn’t need inviting twice and we spent a good while swapping between each other licking and fingering each other to climax after climax.

The boys, obviously turned on again, were sat at the edge of the bed nursing their now hard again massive cocks, and boy was I in for a treat. Turns out they been chatting whilst I’d been eating pussy and had come up with a real surprise for me, Jit lay on the bed and lifted my petite frame on to his cock, whilst Paresh lined himself up behind me and after scooping some of my juices from my pussy and rubbing them on his cock he slipped it up my arse, that was also my first, but last, experience of double penetration.

The night ended well with some more lesbian fun and Mina being dp’d as well on top of all the other swinging fun we had by swapping partners time and again. We really enjoyed ourselves and have met Mina and Jit again since as well as some other young Asian couples and we’re planning a party soon as I’m sure all our new friends would get along really well and it gives us a chance to watch some of our newly downloaded Asian videos. Best thing of it all is that we’ve found the swinging scene to really open minded and whilst we have met with Asian swingers, we have also played with and had some great times with some non-asian swingers off the site as well.

If the party goes well, I’ll write in again to let you know…………

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