Asian Swinger Couple Truelife Story


05 January, 2007

Bally tells us about her experience of bringing up the subject of swinging with her husband in this true life Asian swingers story!

For anyone growing up in an Asian household they will know that sex is really not something that ever gets discussed, as for asian swinging, well that’s another story, if the family ever found that you were wife swapping, whether it be with another Asian couple or not, you’d be disowned pretty quickly for bringing shame on the family.

Those are all reasons why it took so long for me and my husband to get into swinging and even then we only got into due to an off the cuff comment made during the Channel 4 program wife swap about betting they’d never have an Asian couple on there let alone actually find a real wife swapping Asian couple.

We’re both quite open minded and like to think of ourselves as a more modern Asian swingers couple, but even so we’d never discussed swinging together. Turned out that my husband had discussed it with a few mates at work that did swing, but had never followed it up with me as he thought I’d say no.

I had to admit that I had spoken to a girlfriend about it as she and her husband wife swapped occasionally, and for much the same reasons as my husband I had never followed it up.

As you can imagine the conversation then changed to a ‘so would you’ kind of direction with both us saying that we would like to try it but only if it was done very discreetly and only if the other partner was happy to do so, it was decided, we wanted to go swinging lol

We logged on to the web and found a site called Asian Swingers which, considering that was us, seemed a perfect place to start. We joined up, wrote a profile about ourselves and uploaded some photos that showed we were both in good shape, but didn’t reveal our faces, we simply couldn’t risk any friends or family finding us on there.

We swapped emails with a few couples and chatted in the chat room with a few more before really clicking with a young Asian couple from Leicester, they seemed to be just like us, nervous yet excited about trying new things and worried about their friends and family finding out.

We’re from Manchester, so we agreed to meet them at a swingers club called Xstasia in the Midlands as it was both away from where we both lived and easy for us both to get to.


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