Asian Couple Swinger Club Experience Story


05 January, 2007

Bally continues her story of her and Husband Paresh's first experience of swinging with another Asian couple at a swingers club hotel

Continued from here

We met up on a Friday night, went in and got shown around by some of the staff, got changed and settled in to have a quiet chat on one of the sofas, it was no surprise to find that we all got on as well together in person as we did online, and it didn’t take long before we we’re all merrily talking away and flirting with each other like a couple of old swingers.

I looked over at Paresh to see he’d started rubbing his hand up and down our friends stockings & smoothly shaved legs and working his way further up than down as he edged towards her pussy, she’d partied her legs a bit to allow him easier access and I could just see a glint of dampness in the light. It was at that point that I realised I was getting quite turned on by all of this and thought it might be a good idea if made our way back to the rooms we’d booked at the swingers hotel down the road.

A quick cab back, less than 5 minutes, and we were all sat with a bottle of champagne on our hotel bed in similar positions to the ones we had taken at the club, Paresh was sat with Mina and I was sat with Jit. Paresh had wasted no time taking up where he’d left off and with Mina’s legs opening for him he started rubbing at her damp pussy once again, but this time he started to slip his fingers inside her.

Jit had obviously seen this and decided he wanted to join the fun so lay me gently back onto the bed, opened my legs and went down on me there and then, slowly running his tongue up and down my slit, rubbing my clit and fingering me until I could feel myself cumming. I came and as I sat up to kiss Jit he knelt in front of me and pulled his dick out, it was a lot bigger than Paresh's was and it felt really different as I sucked on its helmet and attempted to take it all down my throat.

It seemed that no matter how much I sucked him off or played with his balls he just wasn’t going to cum, so I pulled away and lay back down inviting him to come and fuck me, he had other ideas and lifted me up and over on to my knees, slipped behind me and slid into me from behind. My screams must have woken the whole hotel as he fucked with his massive cock, he was insatiable and just kept on going banging into me as I came and came again, the bed was getting soaked lol!

Whilst we’d been fucking away Paresh had been licking, sucking, fingering and I just and fucking Mina and she was loving every minute of it, but like me, the poor girls was now shattered and needed a drink, she slid off Paresh and went to the mini bar to grab some water but when she returned, instead of hoping back to the waiting hard dick of my husband, she sat her self at the end of the bed and positioned herself so that her soaking cunt was directly inline with my face. She showed no mercy as she shoved my head down into her pussy and held it there whilst I licked her out, that was the first time I’d ever been down on a women (but have now done it a few times since) and it tasted lovely.


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