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05 March, 2007

Not long ago, I hosted the manager of our Japanese division, Haruko, while he visited London for a conference!

When I met him and his wife Ichiko at the airport it was late, so I suggested that we go out to dinner. They were a little jet-lagged but were happy to agree, because they were eager to try real Western food.

Ichiko was stunning: a tall, confident woman dressed in tight-fitting Western clothing, with ample breasts crowned by prominent nipples. All through dinner I could barely taste the food, I was so taken in by her tits, and I had trouble keeping up my end of the conversation. Haruko was an excellent English speaker, so he kept busy translating, and didn't seem to notice where my attention was. She did, though. At one point she whispered something to Haruko that he didn't bother translating; he just smiled.

As we left the restaurant and got into the car, Haruko said quite out of the blue, "So, David, my Ichiko is curious. Are the penises of white men really as large as they say?'

I swallowed hard and turned red, and they both laughed. 'Don't worry, my friend,' he said. 'Ichiko saw you looking at her, and she is interested in you too. Shall we go back to your flat and have sex instead of going to our hotel?'

'Y-you're swingers!' I said, relieved. Once upon a time I'd swung a lot all 'round London, but I'd been too busy lately to get much pussy.

Haruko just smiled as Ichiko rubbed her nipples, making them stick out even farther. I was so excited I could barely restrain myself, and the minute I stepped into my flat I had her sweater off and was sucking her big pink nipples. Haruko quickly undressed her the rest of the way and guided us to the bedroom futon, where she lay her long, slender body down. Even horizontally, those tits were magnificent!

I stripped out of by clothing, my seven-incher hard as a bone. 'You seem to be impressed with my wife's breasts,' Haruko said. 'They are yours for the night.'

Ichiko's eyes went wide as she took in the length of my cock, so I hurried over and fed it to her. She sucked it for a while, just enough to develop some nice lubrication, and then I straddled her, pushed her lush tits together, and put my cock between them. I was in tit-man heaven! I started to rock back and forth within her boob-tunnel, and knew I wouldn't last long. Meanwhile, Haruko came up behind me and started fucking her cunt with great vigour.

It wasn't long before I performed by own one-man bukkake show and flooded Ichiko's face with cum. Meanwhile, she and her husband shared a rollicking orgasm. Later, we had some sake that they'd brought and went to bed.

Never fear -- my cock got its first taste of Asian pussy the next day! But that's another story, as they say.

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