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24 April, 2007

Travis takes his wife on holiday with a more mature couple, Herb and Ginny. Ginny is Travis's mum's best friend, and she wants to fuck a younger guy. They say younger males fantasize about fucking milfs! well this young lad need not think about it any longer

 I swear on my Mum's grave that I never expected to have sex with her best friend but for a milf she's HOT!! , but now I'm doing it regular, and my wife's boffing Ginny's old man too!

It was in all innocence that Barb and I invited Ginny and Herb to join us at Reighton Sands in Yorkshire for a holiday. Sure, Barb and I weren't babes in the wood or anything, but we weren't into mature swinging at all. Wasn't long before our "old" friends changed that.

We spent most of the first day out on the shore in our swimsuits, trying to catch some rays through the overcast. We'd found a secluded area of beach and eventually went for a bit of a swim to break the monotony. We found a lovely rock pool and dashed in, and soon enough I felt a hand snaking down the front of my trunks. I thought Barb was being feisty so I turned to her and lo and behold, it wasn't Barb but Ginny!

Now, Ginny's a good-looking lady for a fifty-year-old and believe me I noticed how she filled out her suit, but still my face went red as a beet. Why, here was a woman who'd changed me as a baby, and now she was feeling me up! "Um, uh, what are you doing?" I sputtered.

"Checking out how you've grown," she murmured. "I've often wondered, you know." She peeled down the front of her bikini top to reveal a pink nipple. "Care for a taste?" she asked teasingly.

By now I was hard as a rock needless to say, not just because she was still stroking my cock but also because I'd had a crush on her since I was ten, and damn, she still looked good. "Erm, what about my wife and your husband?"

She shrugged and gestured toward the shore. "Don't think they'll mind." I turned to see Herb standing on the shore with his trunks down about his knees, my wife giving him an award-winning blowjob! "Wha' the hell?" I gasped.

"He prob'ly showed her that big cock of his," Ginny purred and took off her top, showing the full magnificence of her tits. "Plus, this was her idea anyhow." Mischief danced in her almond-shaped eyes; Ginny was born in Hong Kong, see.

"Oh, well then," I said, and took a bit of initiative, untying the string on her panties so they came away in her hand. I probed my first two fingers into her cunt, and her knees almost buckled. "I've dreamed about doing this for fifteen years," I whispered.

"Why, you naughty boy." We crawled up onto the sand where our respective spouses were now enjoying a doggie-style fuck, and it wasn't long before we were emulating them. Ginny positioned herself on the sand and I fed my cock into her inviting vagina, and soon the difference in our ages was completely forgotten. I rode her to an orgasm for both of us in five minutes, but I stayed in the saddle and kept going for another half-hour at least. Don't tell my wife, but riding Ginny that first time ranks as my single most satisfying erotic experience -- and that was but the first of our adventures.

Comment - Dylan - Leeds:
Great story! if u ever want some cum let me know.

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