Wife fuck's 2 black guys - real life Story


27 November, 2006

I’ve always fantasised about a black man fucking my wife, We had discussed this issue many times and I decided that the time was right and we should advertise for a black male on a site, although I didn't know this was going to turn into a threesome....

We place an advert and eagerly awaited a reply. To our surprise we received several and so narrowed the list from the 15 guys who had contacted us down to 5. I told Sandra that I would make all the arrangements and pick the guy that was to fuck her and to say I was looking forward to watching a black guy fucking my horny wife would be an understatement of the year.

She had no problem with allowing me to this and trusted me to make a good choice. I decided that I would be picking two guys as it would be much more fun to watch two black stud’s fucking my Sandra’s tight pussy plus I knew for a long time she'd been fantasying about having threesomes .

We made the arrangements for a week later and to meet in the bar of a local hotel. Sandra got dressed up in a sexy dress and hold ups.We arrived at the bar for 7.30 to allow us to calm our nerves with a drink before the guys were due to arrive.

They arrived dead on time and introduced themselves to us. We had a couple of drinks and started chatting to loosen up and at about 9pm decided to make our way upstairs to the room we had hired for the night.

As soon as we got in I took to the chair at the end of the bed and pulled out my video camera as I didn’t want to miss any of the action, plus my last attempt at filming was pretty naff and made even the worst of amateur porn videos look great, so this time I was more prepared and even brought along a tripod, yep I'm really that keen and whilst my wife was no porn star I wanted to make sure I covered every angle .

The two guys were by kneeling all over Sandra and undressing her.They left her holdups on and slowly lifted her to the bed. Roger the older of the two men when down and started licking Sandra's pussy whilst Carlos pulled out his dick and handed it to Sandra to start sucking on. It didn’t take long before I could see Sandra’s pussy moist with juice and then Roger grabbed his cock and slowly entered Sandra.

I’d never seen such a big cock. It must have been a good 12 inches and he pumped away at Sandra who was by now puffing and panting with sheer delight.

Roger bucked and flooded Sandra's pussy with hot cum. Carlos decided it was now he’s turn to fuck Sandra and laid on the bed and told Sandra to climb on top.As Sandra did Carlos held his big black cock as Sandra slowly eased her way down carlos shaft.

As she rode Carlos up and down you could see Sandra's cream gleaming on the dark skin of Carlos cock. Sandra started to groan and with this carlos came in her.
Carlos got up and him and Roger decided that it was my time to play with Sandra.

I went over to the bed well Sandra was laying an gently spread her legs. I Savoured the cum dripping and was now ready to fuck her before I cum myself.

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