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04 February 2008

Mark From Havant (Hampshire) tells us about his fantasy to fuck some guy's wife or girlfriend whilst he watches and he knew nothing about the cuckoldry lifestyle ....

I've had fantasy for years of fucking a woman whilst her husband watches and until recently a fantasy was all that it was. But a friend told me about this cuckold swingers site and to be honest the term cuckold was something that meant bugger all to me, well that was until I started reading about what cuckoldry was.

I didn't need much encouragement to sign up and posted this ad:

"Young guy looking for horny wifes to fuck but it must be with your husbands consent and with him there watching but no videoing please I'm not into seeing my cock on some amateur porn site. I'm 29 fit and VWE so contact me for more, also sorry but no BBWs they just don't turn me on"

I got a reply virtually straight away but she was what was classed as a "BBW WIFE" and not really my type of wife, so left it for a few days and lodged back in and had this reply form a seriously hot milf (and talk about fucking sexy as hell) that wanted to meet up. So after a few chats she told me her fantasy that she wanted to meet me at a bar and finger her right in front of her husband but in the bar!!! After some planning we agreed that if we sat in the corner I could play with her.

So the night came round and I was sat in bar when she walked in with her cuckold husband and as agreed he sat in the corner opposite us, and she came over to me and sat down and almost straight away opened her legs and showed me that she had no knickers on and her shaven cunt which I told her was one of my biggest turn ons.

So I moved over to her seeing that her husband could see everything from the other side of the room and moved my hand under her skirt and slowly to the top finding her soaking wet cunt! She looked straight at me and said finger me, in fact she was so wet I could have fisted her, her cunt so so wet. I started just using one finger then followed another then another and she was rolling her eyes and groaning so I had to ease off a little but she wanted more, so I told her about going outside and her husband could watch me fuck her over his car, kinda in a dogging style.

We went out and her husband followed closely behind us, once out side I bent her over a car and knew that she didn't need any more foreplay as she was so wet it was almost running down her leg and I'm not joking! I pulled my dick out and just rammed it up her cunt! Hard!!! once inside I started fucking her really hard and I could see out of the corner of my eye that her husband now had his cock out and was wanking. She didn't take long before she was cumming & that was all I needed to start myself but rather than load her cunt up I turned her around and came all over her face.

I zipped up and we arranged to meet again next month for some more outdoor fucking so long as the husband can watch! - Not sure where it will be but I'm sure it will be fun!

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