Real Life Cuckolded Husband Sexy Encounter


13 December, 2006

Steve tells us how he and Susan enjoy a relationship that leaves him watching from the sidelines as he gets cuckolded. He loves to watch his wife with horny young single male swingers....

We've been swinging for years and have always enjoyed a good sex life outside of the scene as well, swinging had never got in the way of our own relationship and only added to the fun that we had in the bedroom.

Most of the time we would enjoy our time with other couples or single fems and had never thought about trying a single bloke, infact, it had never even been discussed as an option between us especally the fact that we maybe into cuckoldry.

That all changed about 3 years ago when, after a few weeks of chatting with another couple that we didn't realise the male partner was a cuckold husband, we invited them round to the house, the lady of the couple was very nervous and laid straight into the wine and spirits so it wasn't long until she was completely drunk and no good to man nor beast.

We carried her upstairs to one of the bedrooms and laid her down to get some well required sleep until later on, Susan and I, along with Claries husband Paul went back down stairs and continued the rest of our meal and had a few more drinks, although mindful not to drink too much lol

The conversation was flowing and I could see a spark between Susan and Paul which I classed as a good thing as it would make the next time we all got together more fun for all of us, and then from what seemed to be nowhere, Paul asked if I minded him playing with Susan.

It was a bit of a shock but in the heat of the moment and sensing she wanted a good fucking by now, I agreed and we all moved to the sofas. To give them more room I moved to the single seater and watched as he slowly started to caress her now exposed breast and started running his hand up and down her thighs.

I must admit it was a turn on simply watching and not actually getting involved, I suppose it was just like swinging with a couple but as I had nothing to do but watch this time it seemed more erotic just to be essentially peeping at them lol.

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