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27 November, 2006

Cuckold husband Rupert can't satisfy his wife Sandra. Fed up with lame sex, Sandra finds a VWE black guy on a swingers contacts site. She then makes Rupert watch as horny black stud Tony gives her the hot fucking she craves..

After getting over the initial shock off being called a cuckold husband, what happened last month has proved to be a real turning point in my marriage.

Let me explain, Sandra and I (I'm Rupert) have been married for nearly 20 years and our sex life has never been what could be called fantastic. My sex drive is lower than hers and unfortunately for me, she likes to be dominating in the bedroom which does nothing for me, so for the last few years we've just got on with life and had very little sexual activity.

Sandra works in IT so I guess it shouldn't have come as much of a shock when she told me she'd been looking at some sites on the net about the position we were in, she also told me that she'd found a huge number of contact sites on the internet that were dedicated to cuckoldry, which apparently means in a round about way that the women in the relationship takes other partners with or without the consent of her husband.

This came as a bit of a shock, but the thought of watching her being fucked by another man was a bit of a turn on, and I told her so.

Nothing more was discussed but I did think about what she'd said and decided it might be nice to watch her being pleasured. Then a few weeks a go a got the shock, I came home from work as normal to be told by Sandra, shouting down the stairs, that we had a guest turning up in a few minutes.

Almost as soon as I'd taken my jacket off and sat down the door bell went, as I stood up Sandra shot passed me to the door wearing little more than her nightie!!

Slightly bemused I sat back down and waited for her to come back through the front room with our guest, who it turned out, was a strapping 6 foot plus black guy called Tony. As she walked back through the front room, she introduced me to Tony, advised me he was going to be fucking her this evening and told me I was to follow them up to the bedroom and watch.

Slightly shocked I waited a few minutes trying to get my bearings before finally going upstairs to the bedroom, where on entry, I was advised that I could sit in the chair at the side of the room and watch but I wasn't allowed to touch. I sat down more in surprise at being told what I could and couldn't do by Sandra and watched as Tony fucked her in all manner of positions for hours on end, if this is what she wanted no wonder she'd been disappointed in me. They carried on for about 2 hours, I sat there watching and listening to them as they fucked and it was obvious that Tony was giving Sandra the kind of cock she craved.

They finished up and Tony said his goodbyes to Sandra but didn't even acknowledge me, it was only then that Sandra came to me and asked what I thought, I have to admit that it was a turn on so when I was literally told to get undressed and on to the bed I did what I was told and we ended up having some great sex ourselves.

I have to admit that there's something I quite enjoy about not being in control and playing the role of a cuckold husband & watching Sandra being fucked by a massive black cock, so much so I've suggested we invite Tony round again, but this time he's to bring some friends and bring the camcorder!

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