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24 April, 2007

Beckie is introduced to swinging by her boyfriend Dean, who has been a swinger for years. They meet up with wife swapping couple Sharon and Pete at a local hotel...

My boyfriend introduced me to the world of swinging when we had only been together a week! He made it clear from the word go that sex was a big part of his life and he was very experienced. He told me what swinging was all about and asked if I wanted to try it. I can be very impulsive on occasion and immediately said, “sure, why not?” without a thought! He was delighted and said we should arrange something there and then (maybe afraid I would change my mind!) He logged on to the internet on my laptop and showed me a swinging website. There were so many contacts on there, couples from all over the country of every shape, size and colour. We were going to be spoilt for choice. We browsed some of the profiles and agreed on a couple called Sharon and Pete. We sent them a short message and a photo and waited. Well, within the hour they had replied. They sounded friendly and suggested meeting the following evening.

The whole of the next day at work, I was drifting off into daydreams. I had no idea what to expect! I was nervous with anticipation but so excited. That night I had a hot bath, put on a sexy outfit and waited for my boyfriend to pick me up. My nerves were showing by then but he gave me a foot rub (he loves my feet!) and told me I was in for a great night.

We met Sharon and Pete in a local hotel and they put me at ease. They had been on the swinging scene for a few years. We had a drink, made some small talk and went up into the room we had booked. My boyfriend´s eyes were glittering with anticipation and my knickers were already soaking. Once in the bedroom, the four of us lay on the bed. Pete began to kiss me and run his hands up and down my body. I could feel his dick through his trousers and he ground himself into me.

He unzipped himself and I bent down to taste him. He was rock hard and moaned gently as I teased his dick with my tongue. Pete’s hands were inside my dress, fondling my breasts. We both got naked and I lay back as he plunged his face between my legs. My thighs were sticky and wet and he licked me like there was no tomorrow! Sharon and my boyfriend were right next to us and I reached over to stroke her breasts as she fucked my boyfriend.

She smiled and leaned down, kissing me. She was on top of one man and I was under another by then, the four of us in perfect sync. Our mouths stayed fused together as each of us got closer and closer to coming. We changed position again, a tangle of limbs and bodies. Sharon was the last to come but judging by her screams of delight, my tongue in her wet pussy did the trick!

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