Forced Cuckold - Piss drinking Husband


25 January 2010

Read about how someone that was married to an unfaithful wife didn't know his hotwife was tunring him into weak a UK cuckold husband - They don't get much more submissive then this forced cuckolded husband ....

Once a man in bar commented that singles these days were too desperate to meet someone and all decency had been lost, pointing over to a half naked women who was grinding her arse into a man's crotch.  I bet him £20 that she was married, he accepted and he lost because that women was my wife.  “And your okay with her acting like that.”

“Yes” I lied, “She's only dancing.”  Just as I said that the man she was grinding against took her hand and led her into the toilet.  I finnished my whiskey and ordered another one. 

15 minutes later she returned and her and her new friend came over to me at the bar. “Hay honey, this is Raul.” He nodded at me dismissivley. “He thinks we should come back to his flat and look at his...slide collection”
“But honey we have to go to work tomorrow” “Your right honey, well why don't you go back home now” she said looking into Raul's eyes “And i'll be right after you...well go on then.” Rolling my eyes I slid off my bar stool and headed towards the exit, as soon as I was two paces away I heard them break out into laughter. Looks like I would be sleeping alone tonight. Again.

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Its not like I enjoyed my wife sleeping with other men, but what choice did I have, she told me she would stop doing it but she never did.  I could devorce her but she was the best thing that ever happened to me, and then there was the children to think about.  Best just to suck it up and let her have her fun in some students flat.  Out of sight out of mind.

The next day she returned the next day, still wearing the same outfit and everything went back to normal.  “Here baby, do the laundry and hover the place, quietly, I'm going for a nap – had a terrible nights sleep last night”  I did as she asked cleaning the whole house and loading up the washing mashine noticing the wite stains on the panties she wore last night where his cum had dribbled out of her pussy and soaked into the fabric.  I lifted the filthy panties to my nose and inhaled deeply.  Suddenly there was a voice behind me “you like the smell of Raul's cum baby”

I kept the panties hidden in a drawer, and went off to work.  After a long days work I came home but the house was empty, I looked in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom -nothing.  Then I noticed our bedroom dor was closed. I opened it, inside my wife was on all four on the bed, a muscular black man stood behind her, his thick black cock pounding into her ass.  She never let me fuck her in the ass.

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“Ohhh, honey” she said between pants “welcome home, oooooh, this is my friend Max”  Max didn;t look at me, he was too busy fucking my wife.  “Anyway baby I need your help, I really need the toilet” “well go to the toilet” I said transfixed by Max's cock slamming into my wife. “And stop this, you won't know the difference but there are fuckings and there are great fuckings and this is a great fucking.  Now get under neath me.  I obeys, slipping underneth my wife, my head just inches now from Max's hard cock. 

“Now put your mouth over my pussy.” Again I obeyed but as soon as I did tasted something strange.  “Watch out those baby Max's load is still in there fron earlier, better suck it out.  Max's balls were slapping against my head now as I locked my lips round her pussy as the thick white cum slowly dripout out of it.  “ready baby” I had no idea what she meant, maybe she wanted to 69.  Nope.  The slow drible of cum became a fast torrent of hot piss.  “Make sure you swallow it all babe, I don't want you to get any on the bed”

I tried my best but there was just too much and I couldn't swallow it all.  My wife had cum many times by now and it seemed max had as well, removing his cock from my wife's gaping hole his load leaked onto my face.  Her piss finally stopped and she climbed of me and sat on the bed with her arm round Max.  They looked at me, face coverd in cum, piss running down my chin and chest, and laughed.  “baby, honestly your so disgusting, go have a shower and me and Max can get back to business” she said her hands stroking max's cock back into life for the thrid time.  Just another day with my wife, I sighed and walked off to the showers, she was already moaning again in the background.

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