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13 December, 2006

Susan gets fucked in all positions by Paul and can't get enough of his cock! Steve is surprised to find that he really enjoys being a cuckolded husband!


They got very horny and it wasn't long before Paul had spun Susan round and was grinding into her from behind whilst she was kneeling over the front of the sofa, they carried on like this for what seemed like ages and as they changed positions I remember thinking that Paul had great stamina and was giving her a fucking like she'd never had from me before and looked like she was loving it.

The evening finished off with Paul and Susan collapsing on the floor exhausted, he was covered in sweat and his dick was covered in Susan's juices, whilst her pussy was simply oozing and dripping with his cum. They got dressed, Paul collected his wife from upstairs and off they went, thanking us for a good evening. It wasn't until after they'd left that I realised I hadn't had such an enjoyable evening in a long time, and I didn't even get laid!! We'd never had a single guy before and we both guessed that we should have tried one sooner.

We still swing as a couple with couples, but I do enjoy being a cuckold husband every now and again and simply sitting back and having no contact while Susan gets fucked by all these eager younger guys we've found on the site including some stupidly hung black guys which she just loves due to the extra size. We both have our fun now, and far from becoming jealous watching her being screwed rotten, it's actually a real turn on! If you haven't tried a single guy yet, or simply taken the time to watch your wife being fucked by another bloke, do it soon, I'd highly recommend it and you'll have no shortage of takers from younger single guys.

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