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01 March, 2007

Paul from Northampton is waiting for a sexy female swinger he met online to turn up at his house so they can have some NSA fun! As he waits for her his cock gets very hard!

The Lady in question (milf) had a way to drive and was nearly an hour late, I had been wanking on and off for an hour! Completely naked, as I promised her.

I saw her car pull up outside, she backed into a parking space, being a woman this took 3 attempts!

The she gets out of the car, I could see she had long dark hair, a red coat, stockinged legs and heels.... well those heels, six inch heels, black and shiny except for the heel that was blood red, and held on with a thin laces tied around the ankle.

She starts to approach the house, and its only then that I realise that a postman is in front of her coming to the door with a parcel for me!! BOLLOCK NAKED, with a big hard cock I quickly wrap a towel round me and hid behind the door as he rings the bell, I answer, and give some bullshit about having been in the shower. Luckily he says he will sign the recorded delivery for me!!

All the time he is there I can see the lady waiting at the bottom of the path to approach, dressed as she was it must have been obvious what was happening!

She approaches and rings the bell, so its towel off, quick few strokes to keep the cock hard and open the door, what a babe she is and fucking horny looking. And at least the postman broke the ice because she was laughing as much as me about it. Its a good job the postman did not ring twice! Or maybe that would have been another story!!

I invited her in and in seconds she has her coat off and stands there, just heels stockings and a push up bra, wow her pussy is hot and wet. We stood and kissed and fondled for a while before I offered her a seat, pausing only to take some pictures of her in a few poses and do a bit of amateur videoing.


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