Married young couple first swinging experience


23 August , 2006

North Londoners Paula and Tony tell us what happened when their friends came round and they find out they are swingers

Hi, we are Paula and Tony, a young(ish!) married couple from Islington that are swingers . We often like to have other couples round for dinner and drinks at the weekend, "oh you are swingers" I hear you say! Well until last weekend I would have said no way, but when our friends Michelle and Roy came round, we had our first taste of swinging! Here's what happened...

We have known Michelle and Roy for ages, I went to school with Michelle and luckily Tony gets on really well with Roy . I think that Tony has a bit of a crush on Michelle, though I can see why, she has long dark curly hair and a sexy curvy figure but I also know years back she was a bit of a BBW . On Saturday night they came round for dinner, we had a nice meal and the wine was flowing lol. Michelle was wearing a black satin corset and a pretty pink skirt. The corset showed off her ample cleavage very nicely, she must have noticed me staring at her big tits, cos she laughed and said sorry, she knew the top was a bit much but she'd bought it that afternoon and she just had to wear it. I replied that she looked fantastic, feeling slightly miffed with my own boobs, which are fairly small (34B).

After a lovely dinner cooked by me, we all went to sit down in the front room, and Tony got the whisky out and poured us all some. Usually we listen to music or something, but this time Tony suggested that we should play a game. "What kind of game?" I said. "Oh, I don't about truth or dare?"  I laughed and said aren't we a bit old for that kind of thing! "No, it will be fun"  Well I thought it was a silly idea but not wanting to look like a party pooper I said ok bring it on then!

First of all, Roy asked Tony where was the strangest place that he had had sex with me. I went bright red as I recalled the time me and Tony did it on the beach when we were on holiday last year. I couldn't believe that Tony had told them about it, but Michelle and Roy just smiled and said that they had also shagged on a beach and in the sea.

Then Roy looked at me "Right, your turn Paula, truth or dare then?"  "um, truth I suppose" I said nervously. "Have you ever slept with another woman?"  Michelle asked me. "No, of course not!" I almost shouted. "Well have you ever fantasised about it?" said Tony. Again I went bright red. I didn't like this game at all. ", not really, no..what a ridiculous question!". Then Tony and Roy looked at each other, it seemed they both had the same idea at the same time. "I dare Michelle to kiss Paula!"  shouted Roy . I looked at Michelle, she shrugged and  leaned over towards me and kissed me gently on the lips. Mmm, not too  bad I suppose, I thought. "Now kiss her properly, come on you two do it!" Tony was getting very excited at this point! Blimey what is it with blokes and girls kissing? "Oh well, might as well go for it" I said to Michelle, by this time the wine and whisky had made me a bit adventurous I suppose. "If they want something to watch, then lets give it to them"  she whispered to me.

So Michelle sat next to me, kissed me hard, sticking her tongue in my mouth. Then she started to bite my lip gently. Well I have to say it felt good, and I was getting turned on, I thought sod it, and put my hand on her boobs. They were firm but soft, it you know what I mean, and I felt her shiver as I stroked them. Then Michelle put her hand on my bum and squeezed it! "I could get used to this" I thought! Then we both caught each other's eye and collapsed in a fit of laughter. Tony and Roy were just staring at us, with their mouths wide open!  

After Roy and Michelle had gone, me and Tony had fantastic sex in every position you can imagine! I couldn't help thinking about Michelle as I came over and over again. Now Tony keeps going on about doing it again, only this time take it further, and maybe him and Roy can join in. I'm warming to the idea, but I think there are issues to think about first. Who knows? I'll keep you posted as to what happens next!

Pete pulled his trousers down and I saw that he already had a massive hard-on. He has got such a nice cock, and I love the feel of it in my mouth so I couldn't resist leaning over and wrapping my lips round it. I heard him moaning as I flicked my tongue over his helmet, and then I felt my dress being pulled down and Pete's fingers squeezing my now hard nipples gently. My pussy was getting very wet indeed and I was just getting ready to climb on top of Pete's throbbing dick when we heard a noise outside. It was another car pulling up alongside us! We stayed very still, but after a couple of minutes the interior light flashed on and then off. Well I remember what that signal meant! Pete and I looked at each other, not quite believing what was happening!

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