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06 February, 2007

Donna is only 18, and she is nervous when she meets up with Andrew, a 56 year old mature swinger from Buckinghamshire she found on an adult dating website...

My boyfriend of two years had just dumped me because I'm just a horny teen . I felt so low so decided to join up with a dating website.After search several sites I finally stumble across an adult dating site. I liked the look and feel of the site so set about filling in my profile, the photos where about as risky as I could go with me in black stockings! and nothing else.

I realised after viewing many of the profiles that it was mainly filds with profiles of older males and decided what did I have to lose as I'd only just turned 18 and I'd only every slept with my last boyfriend.

I found a profile I liked. The man Andrew sounded funny but mature and in his pictures he looked quite nice and not like a man of 56, and he was not too far from my house in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

I rattled of a message and introduced myself. I didn't expect to hear anything so was surprised when my mailbox started flashing.

I early click on the message and found that Andrew had read and replied to my message. He'd left his MSN details, so I quickly added them and type him a message. He replied instantly and we spent hours chatting away and telling each other about our lives. We decided to meet up the following Saturday for a meal at a rest aunt close to where I lived.

I spent Saturday getting ready and by 8pm I was sitting at our table feeling nervous and unsure what to expect.

Andrew showed up minutes later with flowers and a box of chocolates. We hit it off and I must admit to feeling quite comfortable with my older date.

As the evening drew to a close Andrew invited me back to his place. We left the restrant and Andrew walked me to his Porchse. He opened the door and waited until I was in before he closed it.

Andrew explained that he live about 15 minutes away in the marina. We arrived at his apartment and I was amazed when he opened the door to find a very modern penthouse apartment kitted out with the latest gadgets.

He opened a bottle of wind and showed me around. It was still quite warm even thought it was mid September and he opened the French doors onto his roof terrace and showed me his hottub.

I asked if I could get in and try it out. Andrew was delighted with this idea and went off to fetch some towels.

I had no swim suit so stripped off and climbed in to the hot bubbly water.
Andrew returned and stripped down but was careful to leave his boxers on.

We sipped our wine and with the warmth of the water I felt rather light headed but was enjoying the moment.


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