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07 February 2007

Donna goes back to mature single swinger Andrew's house in Aylesbury, Bucks and they get very horny indeed. She has an amazing erotic encounter with her older lover.

....Continued Andrew moved closer and I was resting his hand on my leg, gently caressing it as he did so.I felt uite attracted to Andrew and lent into him and turned and gently kissed him.

Andrew asked if I wanted to take things further and what types of this really turned me on, I just couldn't bring myself to tell him cum facials & anal was my big turn on so I was happy with this and let him lead the way.We cuddled and explored each others bodies and I was amazed that his body was in such good shape for a man of his age.He explained that he owned a fitness chain and so was able to work ut as often as he wished.

A cold breeze started to pick up and Andrew suggested that we go back inside and warm up in front of the open fire.He opened another bottle of wine and I wrapped myself in the towel and settled on the rug close to the fire.

Andrew laid down beside me and started stoking my naked legs and telling me how beauitul I was. We started fondling each other and Andrew slowly removed my towel.

He seem amazed by my supple body and spent ages exploring every inch of my soft young skin.He slowly moved down until I could feel his warm breath against my shaved pussy.

He gently started to lick and caress my clit with his tongue. I started to get excited and my juices started to flow. Andrew sensed this and moved clser until I could feel the tip of his penis pushing against my lips.I gently push and he was entering me. I'd never taken such a big cock before and it was stretching me to my limits but the warm fuzzy sensation that was taking over was fantastic.

Andrew slowly rode me until he felt my climax approaching and picked up the pace.As he did so my muscles contracted and my orgasm ripped though me. Andrew pulled out and came over my smooth stomach.

He kisses me and took my hand and lead me to the shower.We stepped into together and he slowly lathered my body with shower gel. The end. great mature swingers story - please send in more

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