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09 January 2007

Sexy young Scottish swingers Carly and Damon come over to Rob and Stephanies for dinner. The horny first time couple think that they might have found their ideal swinging partners!

....Continued However, we might have found the perfect couple to swing with after all, without even looking! Last month this new guy Damon, started at Rob's work, and they hit it off straight away. This guy had just moved to Scotland from Liverpool with his wife, Carly, and as they didn't know anyone, Rob thought it would be nice to invite them round for dinner. I was a little bit annoyed as he could have asked me first, but that's men for you I suppose!

So next Friday came along, and Damon and Carly arrived with a bottle of wine. As soon as Rob introduced me to them I relaxed instantly. They seemed to be a very friendly couple, they looked younger than us, I would say in their early twenties. Damon was a good looking guy, and even though he was wearing jeans and a shirt I could tell he worked out. Carly was petite and had a trendy green dress on. She had very long blonde hair down to her tiny waist but massive tits. I felt a bit envious as she really was a stunner!

As we ate our takeaway (I am a terrible cook!) we chatted away and drank lots of wine. I have to say that they were a very flirtatious couple, Damon certainly paid me a lot of attention and commented on how beautiful I was! Rob seemed quite taken with Carly as well, but rather than feel jealous, I found myself getting aroused as he was gawping at her great tits & cleavage! At one point I'm sure that Carly stroked my thigh, but then again I might have imagined it!

Anyway we had a fantastic evening and before we knew it, it was half one in the morning. We decided to call it a night, as we were getting tired and had run out of wine lol! We agreed to meet again very soon, at their place next time.

After they had gone, Rob told me that he thought they might actually be swingers, as he had seen Damon looking at swinging sites in his lunch break at work, he didn't tell me beforehand in case I got too nervous! I agreed that I thought they were a very sexual couple.

We'll have to see what happens when we go to their house. Hopefully they will broach the subject of swapping, so we don't have to! We really hope they do, we are up swinging now, more than ever!

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