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13 September 2011

scottish threesomesTheres just something about playing online with your webcam - this couple whilst swingers also use the webcam for one some on one meets and it sounds pretty racey stuff .......

Long distance sex methods.

Hi all. These weeks without being with my lover are long. My visits to Spain are restricted to 5/6 times a year, and while I wait in U.K. I am celibate. This is not to say I don't feel horny. To the contrary, the anticipation is the most delightful agony of frustrations. The relief lies in regular orgasms with my man over the miles. Texting can be really teasing. The right words and a good imagination, along with my fingers can prolong excitement until an explosive cum, but talking on Skype is my personal toy of choice. For example........

This weekend He called me, as he does nearly every day. We decided to watch a porn movie together. We had saved identical films on our individual memory sticks. So still connected and talking over Skype, we synched our media players to run the film precisely together. Immediately erotic, it opened with a young girl licking a guys tool wih relish. Licking and tounging the dripping head.

She drooled all over his hard red cock, making it shiney, wet and slippery in her mouth. My man says "I can feel you sucking me Pen " and my hot little clit is already feeling shots of electricity . The guy grabs her hair and starts fucking her face, pushing deep in her throat. She gags and dribbles frothy saliva aall over his cock. Then she's on him again, and he's fucking her mouth hard.

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All the time my lover is talking to me. I'ts us together, and I put my fingers in my mouth while I watch. My pussy is so wet. I want him in me. The guy lies on the bed and pushes into her gorgeous rosy pink gash. I'm truly feeling it as my man says "I'm fucking you now." She moans with passion and I hear myself echo that sensual sound. I'm feeling wetness run out of me and round to my backside.

I can hear my lover gasping, and imagine his beautiful penis in his hand.. my hand. The celuloid lovers turn, so she is on her knees, and he sucks his finger. I know what he is going to do. His other hand is already busy as he inserts his finger into her anus, twisting with the push. Oooh, just writing the memory is giving me waves of desire. My lover and me were living the fuck as we watched. Talking and sighing, both of us wanking. I was so wet as my fingers rubbed and stroked.

He was saying " I need to cum Pen". "No, not yet, just a bit longer. So love this feeling, on the edge". On screen she is crying out. He is shafting her hard from behind. I hear myself. " Ahh... ohhh...". My breath hisses through my teeth as my back arches. I hear Him climax with me. Then oh so sensitive, can hardly bear a touch, and a wash of total relaxation. "I love you" he says. ...... " I love you too".............

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