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09 January 2007

Rob and Stephanie are a horny young attractive couple from Lothian in Scotland. They want to experience swinging for the first time, but they are unsure how to meet other Scottish swingers... and naughty swingers

Hi there, my name is Stephanie and my gorgeous boyfriend's name is Rob. We have been together for four years, and have lived together for the last two, not far from North Berwick in Lothian , Scotland.

I am 5'6 and a size 14 I'm no BBW but I'm not fat, not skinny, just nice and curvy, especially my pert 32d tits that Rob loves to lick and suck! I have light brown hair and a cute fringe, and sexy big blue eyes. Rob is tall, dark and horny lol! He has quite a bit of hair on his chest which I love a bit like that other sexy Scotsman, Sean Connery. I am 25 and Rob is 27. We met when we worked in the same office years ago.

We are thinking about trying this swinging thing for the first time, but while we are very excited by the idea of it, I have to admit that we are also terrified (especially me!). We definitely like to think of ourselves as open minded, and have tried pretty much everything in our sex life although anal sex is still something that just doesnt turn me on!! . The only thing we haven't done is involve anyone else in our sexy fun and games. Well these days you cant pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV without seeing something about swinging or wife swapping. Whenever I read about people having sex with other partners and having group sex and stuff like that, I get really turned on.

Rob and I have sometimes fantasised about being swingers while we are shagging, about what we would do with another young couple in bed. The image of Rob getting his cock sucked by a horny young girl totally gets me going! It always leads to really explosive sex and an amazing intense orgasm for me!

Recently I have been thinking that it would be fun for us to visit a swingers club. After all, everyone would be there for the same thing, and I imagine the couples would be very liberated just like us. The more we think about it, the more we want to try it out. I've heard of a swingers club not far from us, Keltic Kouples in Edinburgh , which we would love to check out, if only we could work up the courage!

After much discussion (and hot sex!), we decided that it would best for us to have a few swinging experiences first before we visited a club. But how do you go about finding other swingers? We thought the internet would be a good place to start, and we pleasantly surprised as to how many swingers contacts websites there are on the web! We didn't sign up to any; we were just browsing the various sites. This was something that we did not want to rush into, we were still really nervous and a bit unsure about it all.......more

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