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23 November, 2006

Horny young Manchester students Janine and her flatmate Tanya have a sexy time when they take it in turns to fuck the plumber in this true life story!

Hi my name is Janine, and I'm a 22 year old student. I share a house in Manchester with three other girls. We are very sexy teen girls, and probably spend more time fucking than we do studying! and we've had more than the odd threesomes, more about that later, I get up to all sorts of dirty things, but I just have to tell everyone about my horny experience last week, when one of my ultimate sexual fantasies became a reality for me. Here's what happened…

Our washing machine had finally given up on us, and our landlord eventually sorted out a plumber to come and fix it. Two of the girls were out at lectures, so it was just me and Tanya, my other lovely flatmate, who had to let him in. Thanks to our broken washing machine we were running out of clean clothes, so we resorted to wearing floaty little summer skirts and strappy vests in the middle of winter. Well, it was either that or go naked he he.

Anyway, this plumber turns up and as I open the door, I noticed that his eyes were fixed on my chest. I looked down and saw that my nipples were sticking out like bullets cos it was so cold outside. Oops! I wasn't complaining though, as instead of the old duffer I was expecting, he was young and well fit.
He introduced himself as Stuart. A bit rough and ready looking, but totally hot. He had longish hair tied back and a cheeky look in his sexy brown eyes. I grinned to myself as he carried in his toolbox. After I showed him where everything was and made him a cuppa, I rushed upstairs to tell Tanya that we had a hunky plumber in our kitchen.

Now Tanya is a bit posh, but she is also a cock hungry slut so she was downstairs like a shot. After a sneaky peak through the door, she agreed that he was indeed hot and had a great ass. We both sat at the kitchen table checking him out. He was friendly and chatty while he was getting on with fixing our washing machine. I think Tanya wanted his full attention though, I could tell she was up to something the dirty minx!

She pulled her chair right next to mine, and started stroking my thigh under my skirt. We've had the odd bi encounter when we've been pissed, and we like to tease the guys when we go out clubbing, so I didn't really mind. In fact, it was quite enjoyable mmm! It wasn't long before her hand was right inside my panties, teasing my pussy. I let out a moan, and Stuart looked over at us. He must have been used to women offering themselves to him, as he just dropped his tools, walked over and undid his jeans. Tanya was one step ahead of him, and grabbed his dick and started licking and sucking it.

Well I wanted a bit of action too, so I wriggled out of my knickers and threw them on the floor. I spread my legs and exposed my gaping pussy so Gavin could get a good look. His eyes lit up, and he leaned over to give me head while Tanya was still sucking away at his cock. I was so horny that I just said to Tanya ‘me first!', and climbed onto his stiff cock and fucked him hard. Tanya was fingering herself furiously as she watched us. I could tell that she was dying to have a go on him, so after I had orgasmed I said to her ‘ok, your turn', and off she went. I was exhausted but I still found it a turn on to watch them screwing.

After a while Gavin pulled his cock out of Tanya's soaking wet pussy and shot his spunk over my bare bum. And with that he just winked at us, and carried on fixing the washing machine. It now works perfectly, but since we told the other girls about what happened, they have been desperately trying to break it!

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