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04 December, 2006

Suzie is a horny young 21 year old student nurse from Devon. She loves to chat to horny guys on her webcam and have cyber sex with them. You won't believe how filthy this girl is!

Hi there, my name is Suzie and I'm just 21 years old. People always think that I am younger than I am, as I am only little, 5'2 in fact and I have a cute face. My hair is auburn and very long, and I have light brown eyes. I live in a tiny village in Devon; there is not a lot to do here. Sometimes I go to the clubs in Exeter but not very often as I am a student nurse so I can't afford it.

My favourite way to pass the time is to chat to sexy guys and girls and have virtual sex on my webcam although most will always ask me to were my sexy nurses uniform. Where I live there are no young people like me, but when I go online there are so many horny young swingers up for a bit of cam fun, I am spoilt for choice! My buddies list is getting longer all the time, I am always on the lookout for new cyber friends hee hee.

During the day I have to be very sensible and boring, so there is nothing I like better than coming home, pouring myself a glass of wine and turning on my pc, then getting really hot and horny on the webcam. I always dress up in gorgeous lingerie when I do my cyber sessions; the guys really appreciate it when I make an effort.

Last night I felt like being really filthy, so I put on my black push-up bra that gives my 32c tits a fabulous cleavage, and my matching black silky panties. As I was feeling extra naughty, I slipped on some lacy fishnet holdup stockings, then put my nurses uniform on over the top. I decided that I was going to give someone a real treat, and the fact that I had no idea who this stranger would be was turning me on. My pussy was starting to get moist, and I couldn't resist stroking my swollen clit through my flimsy knickers.

I logged on into one of the many chatrooms that I use, and as usual I was bombarded with messages saying ‘wanna cyber?'. Sometimes I am quite fussy about who I chat with, but I thought sod it, and I just picked someone at random. When this guy popped up on my screen I thought wow, he was totally gorgeous! He was sat there in jeans and a white shirt, and he had cropped blonde hair, blue eyes, and a sexy smile. Then we went through all the usual stuff, you look really nice, age and location etc… His name was Gavin, he was 26 and he lived far away in Cork City , Ireland .

Well, I wasn't in the mood for chit chat, so I told him to shut up and get his cock out. He laughed and said why don't I go first then I can make his cock go hard. So, I adjusted the webcam and stood up. I unzipped my nurse uniform and it fell to the floor. Gavin's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw my sexy underwear! I thought I'd tease him a bit, so I ran my hands all over my body and squeezed my pert boobs together......more

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