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11 September , 2006

Amanda gives her friend's husband a blow job, and both couples have some sexy same room fun! Sounds like they all had a good time!

(continued).....I carried on sucking and licking Bob's cock, and out of the corner of my eye I saw that Mandy had her sexy boobs out and Richard was kissing them. Wow, this was definitely a lot more fun than playing Pictionary! I was getting so turned on, I didn't think that I would be able to handle it for much longer!

I caught Rich's eye and walked over to him. I didn't have to say anything, I just pulled down his jeans, pulled my black lacy knickers to one side and climbed on his rock hard cock. Kerrie and Bob had the same idea, and they started fucking away as well. It was the best sex that I have ever had, watching Kerrie grinding away on Bob's dick really got my pussy wet and I came loads. By the amount of noise that Kerrie was making, I think she did too! Richard and Bob were just lying there, looking like the two luckiest blokes in the world! Then Rich got on top of me and I wrapped my legs round his neck so he could thrust himself in me really hard. It wasn't long before he filled my hole up full of cum and as I know he love Creampie Porn gave him a flash!

After we had all finished there was a bit of an awkward moment, and then we all just cracked up as we tried to find our clothes which seemed to be all over the place! It was getting late, so Mandy and Bob said thanks for a fantastic night and called a taxi.

Me and Richard were exhausted but we had great fun acting out our sexy antics again in the morning! Next week it is our turn to go to their house, and now that we have got a taste of this wife swapping stuff, who knows what will happen? I'm going to wear my sexiest lingerie just in case! I might even shave my pussy so it's all smooth!

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