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11 September , 2006

Amanda from Colchester in Essex tell us what happened when she and her husband went to another couple's house for a few drinks. I bet you can guess what happened!

Hello there my name is Amanda and I have been married to my husband Richard for ten years. Every Saturday we meet up with some friends of ours, Kerrie and Bob for a few drinks and a chat. We take it in turns to visit each other, and last weekend they came to our house. As usual, we all enjoyed ourselves, but this time it was because we ended up getting a bit fruity and had some naughty fun with each other! Here's what happened….

Well, we were all drinking whisky and getting more and more tipsy. We have known Kerrie and Bob for years, we do everything together and we all get on like a house on fire and although shes no porn star she's pretty hot . So, we chatted away about this and that, and Kerrie, who I have to say was a bit more sloshed that the rest of us suggested we play a game of spin the bottle. We all thought that was a great idea and would be a laugh.

So, I grabbed a bottle and gave it a good spin. It slowed down and eventually stopped on little old me! Kerrie grinned wickedly at me and said that she dared me to kiss her hubby, Bob! No harm in that, I thought, and gave him a peck on the cheek. No, you have to kiss him properly, put a bit of effort in! she was really laughing now. Well, I wasn't sure what to do! I looked at Richard and he just nodded at me and said go on. Oh sod it, I thought, and jumped on Bob and gave him a full on snog. He was a bit taken aback, I think, but after a couple of seconds he started to kiss me back. Mmmm, Bob's not bad, and I started to feel myself getting aroused. I felt a suspicious bulge in Bob's trousers as well and all I wanted was to give him a blowjob! God, I could get used to this!

Faintly aware that Richard and Kerrie were also in the room, I reluctantly pulled myself off Bob. I looked at Rich and immediately recognised the look on his face! He was feeling horny, I knew! The randy perv! Kerrie looked a bit shocked but it serves her right, I thought, she dared me in the first place. Then Kerrie smiled again and said “Well, seeing as you enjoyed that so much, why don't you suck his cock as well?” Hmmm, I though, I wouldn't mind that actually! “Oh go on Mandy, give Bob a blow job!” Now Richard was egging me on! What the hell, I was super horny after that snog, and the drink was making me very bold, so I walked over and got on my knees in front of Bob. I reached over and pulled his dick out, which was still hard! He had a good sized cock, I thought, as I took it in my mouth and slid my tongue over his shaft. Mandy and Rich started cheering and clapping ha ha!


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