Married Wife Swap Sex Couple Real Experience


06 February, 2007

Maria and James are a married wife swap couple from Devon. They have been enjoying soft swing encounters for a while, now they want to experience sexy full swap fun!

Hi there my name is Maria and my Husband's name is James. I am 34 and James is 35, and we live near Exeter in lovely Devon. I thought I'd let you know how we are getting on with wife swapping, hopefully some other couples will find our experience helpful after all you can't beat reading real life stories than watching some adult video .

First I should tell you that we have been into swinging for nearly a year, after considering it for quite a while, and in that time we have taken it very very slowly. On our first couple of meeting we did not even play, we just enjoyed meeting new sexy couples. We were worried that the swappers we met would be pushy and try to talk us into things, but quite the opposite, the couples were very friendly and totally understanding of our situation. I think that on the whole the lifestyle is very open to new members, after all everyone was a learner once (like driving!).

Well by now we have been lucky enough to have several successful wife swap experiences and even threesomes with other couples in Devon, and we have even travelled further a field a couple of times. We have only had one disappointment when this couple didn't turn up, still don't know why we can't get in contact with them. When we first decided to get into this game, we discussed it and both agreed that we would go as far as soft swapping, which has worked out okay. I was worried that I would feel jealous seeing another woman touching James, however this was not the case, watching him get his dick sucked by a sexy wife really turned me on, so we had fantastic sex with each other and I discovered that I am bisexual as well.

But recently we have been thinking that we would like to try full swap for the first time, in the same room of course. So, we got in contact with a couple that we have got to know well, Liz and Stuart, they have been swingers for over 5 years and are great fun. Liz is slightly older than Stuart, she is 41 and he is 37, but you would never tell she has a stunning figure and I think she looks younger than me. They said they would love to experience full swap with us, if were sure we were ready. So, we arranged to meet at a hotel in Plymouth , I felt it would be better to meet up somewhere that wasn't personal to James and myself.

The date came around quickly, we were excited but not really nervous as we knew Stuart and Liz well, and they would respect us if we changed our minds at any time. I always like to make an effort to look nice for our ‘wife swap dates', as James calls them. I put on my favourite red satin corset (I have a lot of corsets, love them!) and some slinky black trousers with slits up the front, and a slim fitting jacket with a diamante choker. Sexy, but not too ‘in your face', I thought! James just wore his usual outfit of a white shirt (which showed off his sexy tan) and smart jeans. He looked extremely horny, but then he always does to me!


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