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06 February, 2007

Wife Swap couple Maria and James meet another sexy couple at a hotel in Plymouth. After a few drinks, they go upstairs for some horny full swap action!


We met up with Liz and Stuart in the bar downstairs, and Liz looked lovely in a tight black lacy dress which showed off her tiny waist and her massive tits. Her long blonde wavy hair was loose down her back, she looked amazing and a lot of guys were staring at her. We had a few drinks and chatted and flirted, the atmosphere was very horny and soon the sexual tension was killing me, so we agreed to go to our room. We went first, we didn't want to attract too much attention, but I think people must have guessed what we were up to!

Once the bedroom door was closed, we all relaxed on the king sized bed and made ourselves comfortable. Stuart and James both had bulging erections in their jeans, my pussy was very wet indeed, and I leaned over liz, pulled her lovely dress down and caressed her gorgeous tits. When I next looked up, stuart and James were both pounding away at their cocks, so I took Liz's hard nipple in my mouth while I moved my hand up her silky thigh and fingered her juicy tight pussy. It wasn't long before I craved the feel of a cock inside me, and I decided it was time to get down to it!

I looked at my gorgeous husband, kissed him passionately then turned to Stuart, Liz's husband who also happened to be gorgeous. Lucky me! He turned me round and pushed me forward, then entered me from behind. His cock was slightly wider than James', and the extra girth was appreciated lol. I could see James fucking Liz next to me, so close I could touch them. Me and James kept looking at each other, checking we were both ok, and enjoying the view. We switched positions several times, eventually we were just a tangle of arms and legs, and it was hard to be sure who was doing what to whom! During the course of our sex session, we had all thrown our clothes off and they were scattered around the room. My pussy was exhausted and full of stuart's cum, he was a repeat performer and squirted inside me quite a few times, till it was dripping down my legs.

Once we had all recovered and cleaned ourselves up, Liz asked us if we enjoyed it, and we replied that we definitely did! We both had a great time and it has made our own sex life even more explosive! Hopefully we will play again with Liz and Stuart very soon, and we would also like to swap with a new couple that we have never met before. For anyone who is thinking of trying full swop for the first time, you will know when the time is right, then just go for it!

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